How we build your web site ?

1. The Initial Consultation
These meetings usually take place over the telephone, and take about a half hour. They are free and without obligation. An initial meeting is an exchange of information. We’ll answer any questions you have, and find out more about what kind of web site you are planning or considering.

2. Gathering More Information
Next, we ask that you fill out our online Project Information Form. This form helps you to gather together the basic information we need to go forward. Sometimes further communication by phone, email, or in person is necessary to clarify the scope and nature of the work to be done.

3. Building 3 templates offers
With the information we got from previous step, we will provide 3 templates. You should choose at least one that we will further work on.
If none of the three designs are good for you, we can arrange one more design upon your request. If you are not satisfied we will stop the cooperation.
Otherwise if you choose at least one, we are now ready to proceed with next step.

4. Signing of Agreement
We sign the Agreement. The 1st payment is due at this time, before work begins.

5. We Set Up the Basic Site – You Gather Content
We set up your new hosting account, create a database, install the Joomla/WordPress or any other application if needed and install the theme you’ve chosen. We bill you for the 2nd payment at this point. Graphic content – your logo and any other images you would like to feature – must be gathered before most work can begin on the site. Your text content needs to be written and ready before any pages can be created.

6. Masthead Design
We work together to decide on accent colors, fonts, and to create an attractive masthead. For this process (and for each creative element design process) we assume that 3 rounds of drafts will be sufficient.

7. Home Page Design
We go to work customizing the Home page template – fonts, colors, borders, decorations. Again, we assume a 3-draft process.

8. Customizing the Interior Page Design
We then customize the template which is used for all of the site’s remaining pages.

9. Inputting site content
We will input your text and graphic content on the Home page and up to 5 additional pages. You’ll be able to create any additional pages yourself via the WordPress Dashboard.

10. Testing, Tweaking and Polishing
We then go through every page of the site, proofreading, testing on different computers, operating systems, browsers and monitors, fixing any errors and polishing everything until it looks absolutely professional.

11. Site Launch
When all is ready, we make the site live and available to the public. The 3rd installment payment, which covers the next full year of web hosting, support and maintenance, is due and payable before site “goes live”.

12. Maintenance and Support
When you paid the 3rd installment payment, you paid for (a) one full year of web hosting, (2) regular backups of your site, and (3) 6 full hours of web developer time, to be used for whatever support you might need for using our CMS (Joomla or WordPress), and/or any changes you would like us to make for you, according to possibilities.

Please note that there can be some variations of above procedure just to make you more confortable and not to lose time in building your new web site.